4 Essential Steps of a Successful Fence Installation

Fences come with an enormous variety of styles, sizes, and materials. Let’s say you have already chosen the most suitable option for your home. Now it’s the time to have it installed. This blog will help you avoid some major pitfalls and expensive mistakes. Of course, hiring a licensed and trained contractor will ensure a smooth fence installation with impeccable results. Here is how the pros do it:

  • Obtaining all the necessary permits, if there are any. According to your local laws, a knowledgeable specialist will assess whether any permits and licenses for installing your fence will be needed or not.

  • Having an up front conversation. At this stage, an expert will speak with you to determine the quantity of the material required. He will ask you many questions about the desired height, density, material and if you have a set budget or not. He will ask you what you aim with your home’s fence. Some people want more privacy, especially if they live on a busy street, others prefer more open space and better bonding with the neighbors.

  • Doing some preparation work. Considering your specific soil’s characteristics, a professional will start digging holes to place the base stakes. Doing precise and correct measurements in advance will guarantee perfect workmanship. He will have to predict and avoid any possible obstacles and unexpected surprises during the installation process. Digging the holes at the right depth is of the utmost importance. Let’s not forget to mention picking the right climate conditions for this project as a crucial part.

  • Cleaning the tools and debris off your property. Installing a brand new fence makes a lot of mess. If concrete is used as a mortar, it dries out quickly. So, removing all the concrete stains from your landscape right after the project is completed is vital. A good contractor will clean his tools too. A thorough clean-up of all the debris and material pieces will be performed as well.

You can count on All About Fence & Repair for exceptional fence installation projects with long-lasting results. Do not hesitate and call our trained San Antonio, TX team at (210) 650-3358.

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